New Year Party Games

New Year Party Games and Activities

Are you planning to host a New year party at home and did n’t know how to make it great for the children, relatives, and friends?

No worries, here we have suggested top games ideas to play on this New Year Eve party at home.

You can start the party with the most played game at the party!!

musical chairMusical Chair – New Year Party Games

I’m sure everyone knows what musical chair games is but in case those who don’t what it is then here the checklist.

Thumb rule of the game is the fastest win. If you are the fastest in the room, you are sure to win.

For this game, you need to play music loudly and gather several chairs ( one less than the number of participants).

Place the chair in circular flow and make sure there is enough space between the chair.

Once you set the chair and the player is on the ground, the organizer will start the music, as the music starts the more paly can starts moves in a circle.

Make sure that every player can maintain the same speed and one is either too fast or too slow. They have to keep moving till organizer stop music.

As soon the organizer stops the music, the player has to grab a seat and sit down on it. And now the player who doesn’t get the seat will be eliminated.

Now, remove one chair and again start the same process. Keep repeating this until there are two.

knowing knees

  • Blindfolds
  • Chairs
To Play
  • First, blindfold all the male players. Then, have the female players sit down in chairs in a line.
  • Each of the male players must then go along the line of female players and try to identify them only by touching their knees. 
  • Have them write their guesses down on a sheet of paper, and the player with the most correct answers wins. 

New year’s secret stash

  • An assortment of small objects
  • Sheets of paper with each guest’s name 
To Play
  • As each guest enters, the host hands them an ordinary object (hairclip, bouncy ball, KoolAid packet, etc.) 
  • The player must keep the object on their person but out of concealed areas (like pockets or purses). Throughout the night, they have to try to hide the objects as best they can (in hands, hair, etc). 
  • At the end of the night, players write down each other’s objects on a sheet of paper (with all the guests’ names), and the one with the most correct answers wins!

New year’s champagne race

  • Two bottles of champagne
  • Champagne flutes 
  • Bowls
  • Teaspoons
To Play
  • Have players sit at a table, and give each one a champagne flute and a teaspoon. Set bowls filled with champagne in front of them. (One bowl for 2-3 players.)
  • The object of the game is for players to use the teaspoon to fill their glasses with champagne. The first one to do so, stands up, taps his or her glass with a teaspoon, and gets to give a toast for the New Year!

Human bingo

  • Bingo Sheets with a characteristic in each box
  • Writing utensils
To Play
  • This fun icebreaker have guests mixing right when they enter the door! As people arrive, give each one a Bingo sheet and writing utensil. Each box on the sheet should have a phrase describing one or more of the guests (i.e. married at age 23, travelled Europe during college, rock climber, lived in Manhattan). 
  • As players mingle, they find the people with these characteristics and have each person sign off the spot on the Bingo card. The first player to get Bingo wins!

Find your song

  • Slips of paper
  • Popular song lyrics
To Play
  • On long slips of paper, write out a line or two from a popular song. It might be a recent hit (like “I kissed a girl and I liked it”) or something related to New Year’s (like “Should old acquaintance be forgot And auld lang syne?”). 
  • Cut the slip of paper in half, so part of the lyric is on one half and part of the lyric is on the other half.
  • Hand out slips of paper to each guest as they arrive, and at some point in the evening, announce that each person has to find the other guest with the rest of their song. The first three couples to find each other win a prize!

Kiss Countdown

  • Several bags of Hershey Kisses
To Play
  • Hand each female guest 5-7 Hershey Kisses as they enter. Tell all the guests as they enter that the object of the game is for the male guests to get as many kisses as they can. The females are the only ones who can give kisses, so this will result in a lot of competition on the part of the male guests. There may be serenading, duels to the death, and so on.
  • At the end of the night, the male guest with the most kisses wins a fabulous prize. (A $20-25 gift card or a case of good beer would create some fierce competition!)
  • The fun twist? The male winner chooses the female winner (most likely the one who gave him the most kisses), so this encourages competition among the women as well!

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