Why does music evoke emotions or feelings?

Have you ever heard the song titled Mercy by Shawn Mendes? Noticed how the song has a lot of pain and anger in it, you can even feel it yourself if you listen to the song on a loop. The same artist has another song titled as “There’s nothing holding me back”. While the previous song makes you feel sad, the other one makes you feel happy and good about yourself. That’s strange isn’t it? Two different songs of the same artist made you feel two emotions which were completely opposite. It often alsp happens hat you feel these opposite emotions due to the exact same song. For example, if you listen to a romantic song when you are single, you might feel that it’s too cliché. If you listen to the song when you are in a relationship, you feel extremely happy and good about yourself. But if you listen to the song after a really bad breakup, you feel either really sad, or really angry. One song but so many different emotions. Music is an integral part of our everyday life; it can make us feel a tornado of emotions in a matter of seconds. It can make you happy and sad, angry and joyful, all at the same time. It’s magical if you put it that way. But the big question that we have here is, why does this happen? Why does listening to some words tide together in a string of rhythm affect us that much.

Research suggests that music has the ability to either increase or normalize out heart rate. Our heart responds to the type of music we are listening to. As suggested by the neurobiologist Mark Changizi, music echoes human “expressive movement:” fast tempo seems to be running from something or doing celebratory dancing, for instance. In these contexts, music is something that echoes parts of our shared human history and survival throughout our species’ evolution. Its hereditary, fellow apes! 
A research published in Nature in 2014 suggests that music is correlated with different parts of our brain. Most of these areas are responsible for processing emotions. Music which helps us feel happy activates the mesolimbic pathway (The mesolimbic pathway regulates incentive salience, motivation, reinforcement learning, and fear, among other cognitive processes), the reward bit of our brain which makes us feel happy. Music also creates responses from the hippocampus (it encodes emotional context from the amygdala) and the amygdala (responsible for emotional learning). This is another reason why we feel all those emotions, it our brain folks. Downloads your best song from youtube2video converter.
Theorists William Forde Thompson and Lena Quinto famously outlined a vast bunch of codes, all
talking to us on an emotional level. They suggest that the lyrics of the music which talk emotions are codes which are communicated to our brain on an emotional level. Thus we feel emotional due to the music because it is communicating the emotions to our brain using different codes.

Everyone has this one song that can make them smile, can make them happy. It is either related to a particular memory associated with that particular song, or just the lyrics which you can relate to. All you have to do is to download that song into your cell phone so that you can listen to it anytime and anywhere. From the rush of this world, music helps you to artificially teleport to a different world, your world; a world in which you can be happy even if it is for a very small duration of time.
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