How to Extract Mp3 Format from YouTube

Do you now you can easily convert YouTube video to Mp3 format? Do you want to know how to extract Mp3 format from YouTube? 

YouTube has become a master platform for watching free videos online. But youtube does not allow its users to watch videos without having Internet access.

So in this case, what should the users do? So here is ytbconverter with a solution to provide the users to convert youtube video to Mp3.  Ytbconverter is totally safe and is one of the best video Converter to Mp3.

YtbConverter-Best Mp3 converter:

Ytb converter is the best mp3 converter. It free forever Website and also has a free mobile application tool for android users. 

Steps to Extract Mp3 format from YouTube:

First Step: You need to visit the website from which you are extracting Mp3. For example, you can try

Second Step: After that, go to the YouTube and select your video and then copy the link of the video you want to convert into MP3.

Third Step: Then paste the copied link in the header box of the website. Such as, here:

Fourth Step: After pasting the link on the box, then hit on the “convert video” button.

Fifth Step: After clicking on the convert video button, the website would process the video and show you all the video formats available of that video.

Sixth Step: And in the last step select MP3 format, and click on the  Download button and your MP3 would be now downloaded.


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