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Simple Way to Download YouTube Videos on IPhone and Mac

Nowadays, everyone prefers downloading their favourite content and music from YouTube. Its saves you a lot of data, and you can watch the downloaded video anytime, anywhere. But what happens when YouTube doesn’t allow you to do so? Many times, YouTube users find it difficult to download videos from the site. But no worries, there are a lot of ways to deal with it.

First let’s look at some of the factors which prevent you from downloading anything from YouTube:

  • YouTube keeps experimenting with its codes. The code is changed in some way or the other, either to improve the viewing quality, the streaming and other properties. The changes are hardly noticeable to the user, and can only be noticed significantly when the website launches a new update. But these changes greatly impact the downloading of videos from the website. You know, YouTube doesn’t want you to get their videos for free. Not every time at least.
  • There are copyright claims on most of the videos, which prevent the user from downloading them. A copyright is basically something that the maker of the video applies on the video, so that it can only be viewed by others; this prevents the content from being copied by others.
  • There might be an issue of the URL not being recognised by your YouTube downloader. For that you have to contact the official website and get the problem fixed.
  • Your Antivirus software might be interfering with the downloading process. For that, you need disable it for some time, until your video is downloaded. But please, do it on your own risk.
  • Your YouTube video downloader might not be updated. Check the official website of the software to get the latest version for better experience; usually the bugs from the previous version are also fixed in the newer version.

There are many softwares which allow you to download videos from YouTube, like Now that you know where to go when you are unable to download your favourite YouTube video, lets look Quick and easy steps to get youtube mp3 music. 

  1. Copy the URL of the video which you wish to download.
  2. Paste it in the “convert video” box of the software.
  • Adjust the resolution and quality in which you prefer to view the video.
  1. Click on the “convert video” button and wait

And that’s it! Four easy steps to get your favourite video on your Mac book.

Now for the iphone users, Shortcuts app in iOS 12 and higher — or the Workflow app in iOS 11 and older, is your saviour. Another method you can use is YouTube premium, which lets you save Youtube videos for offline viewing.

 Now you can listen to it anytime anywhere and without the annoying “downloading…”notification. Now that we are all a bit more educated, I got to go. I need to download the newest song of my favourite band SANAM. I just love them you know, and nothing can stop me from listening to their songs, not even the “not able to download” crisis.

Here is some youtube video downloader 





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