6 Tools Everyone Needs for Children

Do you know today technology has made parenting complicated and difficult?
There are a lot more things to know that parents overlook. During my almost ten years of parenting, I feel like I have had to become a strategic planner, an executive assistant, nurse, psychologist, and dietician.
One thing that I know is most parents constantly search the internet for ways to become more effective parents. As in this fast era, children are more daring to try new things. They take part in different online and real-life activities without knowing their pros and cons. This is making things difficult for parents to keep their children on track. So I have collected some easy and effective tools that help your child to be involved in safe activities.

1. Social Shield

This application for the parents who are concerned about the activities of their children on social media platforms. This tool is easy to download and will work flawlessly on all devices. It allows you to track access to social media and will update you remotely. This is the best protection shield you can provide your child against cyber bullying.

2. mSpy

mspy parental control app is best known for its multiple features. It is proving a great shield against cyberbullying and many other threats for children. For instance, children love screen time and can be involved in many harmful activities. So here, mSpy is the best app that allows parents to keep an eye on them. It allows you to read their messages, check call logs, social accounts, track their locations, and many more things.

3. Child Health Tracker

This application is the one best app for parents to take care of their children’s health by Healthy Children. This is an excellent and handy app because it is a healthcare provider, store medical information, and medication tracker. It also helps to keep everything organized and straight when it comes to medication, doctor appointments, and also helps you track your kid’s growth patterns.

4. TempTraq

Gone are the days of waking up sick kids to take their temperatures. This wireless device will help you to track the temperature of your child’s temperature. It can be difficult to keep everything smooth, especially if you have multiple kids. There are only a few apps that can help you, so you can worry a little bit less about the flu and cold season and can enjoy your winter.

5. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids offers an easy and secure way for your children to watch their favorite shows, movies, or explore anything that can improve their knowledge. YouTube Kids is full of family-friendly videos and easy to use. It provides secure and legal content to watch. They make sure that those who are searching on YouTube kids will see results that are appropriate for your children.

6. Epic

This a reading app for children with an e-book library that contains almost more than 35,000 children’s books. It can be the greatest app for your children that will help them to enjoy their reading sessions, improve their knowledge, and protect them against unhealthy online activities.

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